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Tots Bots Easy Fit Explained

I had a non-local friend ask me about cloth diapering and what she should get as she anticipates the arrival of her first born. This post is mainly for her as I attempt to explain the amazingness that is the Tots Bots Easy Fit (the diaper I said I would replace ALL our diapers with if I had to). You may remember me mentioning this diaper before here. Before I get into the pictures, I’ll share here what I shared with her:

If I were to recommend only one diaper, I would HIGHLY recommend the Tots Bots Easy Fit. We only have one of these, but if I had the money, I would replace ALL our diapers with this one. Why?

It’s one-size (I don’t typically suggest one size diapers because they either don’t fit well on newborns, or children outgrow them before it’s potty time. This one was one of the first diapers that I put on our 3rd son when he was born, he was about 7lbs at the time, and it fit like a dream. I could also use it on our middle son, and did up until he potty trained last week! – he will be 3 next month and is about 35lbs (hefty little fella!) and there was growing room for him).

It’s a pocket diaper (pocket diapers are great for adjusting the amount of absorbency – adding extra protection for long trips/naps/nighttime/heavy wetters/etc).

It’s considered an All In One. Most all in ones look/act like a disposable diaper, basically, there’s no pocket, just one piece of diaper to deal with – great for dads, grandparents and caregivers! The Easy Fit is an All In One, but the insert/absorbency is attached in such a way that it ‘comes out’ (still attached) But this allows for quick drying (all in ones usually take a LONG time to dry)

It uses Bamboo fibres as opposed to microfiber. Important for a couple of reasons. Ethically, the way microfiber is made, can cause cancer (in the WORKERS MAKING the fabric, NOT in you or your baby), so I have started to try to avoid microfiber as much as I can (ignore my bright red microfiber couch, lol, I learned this AFTER we bought that, ha). Microfiber also, somehow, makes stink cling to the diaper. You can be doing everything right with your diapers as far as cleaning, but they can still stink thanks to microfiber. Bamboo doesn’t stink, it’s antibacterial and SUPER absorbent!!

I also do not like diapers with velcro, but this one, I love. The velcro has held up great, and after about 2 years, still shows no sign of wear!

We rarely have leaks in our cloth diapers (if we do, it’s operator error – left on too long) but we’ve NEVER once had a leak with this diaper.

The price tag is kind of scary. BUT knowing that if you buy/get a dozen or so (you’ll need more than a dozen diapers to start, but see below – here I suggested rounding out her diaper stash with prefolds and covers), you should have enough to diaper through 3 years of age (or so) :) (with Caedmon, he’s 11 months, we use about 12-15 diapers in a 3 day period – sometimes more, sometimes less, but that’s average). :)

With all that said, here is the Tots Bots Easy Fit:

Here is the diaper as it would be for a larger baby or toddler.

Since it is considered a one size, the front snaps down to make it smaller.

Here is the inside:

And here is the insert that goes into the pocket (this is the insert all stretched out).

Technically a Pocket Diaper.
Technically an All In One.
Technically. Awesome. :)

Here is the pocket opening inside the diaper where the insert would go:

The insert …inserting :) You would pull this all the way through the pocket opening until you reach the front of the diaper.

Here is a close up of the velcro – still in fantastic shape:

One other thing I forgot to mention in my email to her was that with many pocket diapers, you need to remove the soiled insert prior to washing. This is another thing that makes the Easy Fit amazing – it comes out on its own in the wash. It’s so similar in action to a disposable it is great. It is a VERY easy diaper to work with.

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