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Tanks & Tees!

I was once again, SO excited when I got picked to participate in another Sample and Share through Crowdtap – even more excited that it was once again, with Old Navy!

The mission this time was to try out their new Tanks and Tees — and it was a very generous offer, TWO shirts for me and TWO shirts for a friend!!!

I went on a Saturday (alone! Weee!) and spent so much time browsing – I think I picked up one of each of the new tees and tanks! But I had a goal – to match a skirt I have had hiding in my closet for a couple years!

When I happened to find a tank to match, I was excited, but I was even MORE excited when I found a tee to match as well!

I have purchased tanks & tees from Old Navy before, and they claimed that these were “new & improved”. And you know what? They aren’t kidding!

The tanks are stretchier (meaning they are a bit more forgiving in those “leftover baby fat” areas!) They don’t ride up like their old tanks and I feel cover a lot more. My favorite feature of the new & improved tanks – the length! No more “oppsies” when I bend over! (everyone is grateful, haha!)

The tees are definitely an improvement as well. The only thing I didn’t like was that they were pretty much all see-through – which is fine if you’re layering, but, if I don’t want to layer…well…I’ll be layering! They are SO soft though! I absolutely LOVED the vintage tee’s and couldn’t stop petting them – seriously. SOFT! Also, the shape of the new tees is a huge improvement. The old tees were very boxy and ‘drape-like’. These hug a bit more.

I ‘cheated’ a bit, because I had a gift card and I also snagged an orange tee to match another skirt, as well as a Tami (a tank/cami, which I can’t seem to find on their website).

It was quite a successful trip, and I can’t wait to stock up on more of the New & Improved Basic Layering Tees & Tanks! Two thumbs up on the new product, Old Navy!

And thank you, again, Crowdtap, for the opportunity to try them out and share with a friend (who was another mom to littles and treated herself to a few minutes of child-free shopping and snagged two tee’s for herself!!)

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Swagbucks and Crowdtap

If you’re friends with me on Facebook or Twitter, you most likely see me post about Swagbucks and Crowdtap pretty frequently. That’s because I love them – I can cash out amazon gift cards, add them to my amazon account and purchase whatever I what, whenever I want (and since we have amazon Prime, items show up in two days, sometimes one!)

I have shared about Swagbucks before, but somethings have changed, so I wanted to do an update.


I easily get 2-3, if not more, $5 amazon gift cards a month using Swagbucks.. There are MANY other prizes you can redeem (I SOME times get $5 deposited into my Paypal account or a $5 Starbucks gift card, but, I love the amazon credit).

I’ve had friends tell me that they can’t figure out how I amass this many gift cards…it’s VERY simple. Everyday (I try to do it the first time I open my laptop) I do the following:

  • OPEN my browser and (if I need to) refresh my toolbar. (I use Firefox, and Swagbucks (SB) is compatible with this browser. I believe it works for all but Chrome). Swagbucks has a toolbar where you can search (more on that in a minute) and keep track of your current swagbucks. Using this will allot you 1 Swagbuck a day.
  • I then SEARCH for “Swagbucks”. Doing this allows two things. First, it’s a chance to win swagbucks! You cannot win via search if you don’t search! And second, it gets me to a page that will allow me to get some more daily Swagbucks.¬† I may or may not win on this first search, but, it’s a chance.¬†Throughout the day, whatever I need, I search for it – “Gmail”, “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Weather” “help me win swagbucks” (if I’m not winning anything, haha!) I typically find that I win Swagbucks at three separate times of the day: first thing in the morning, midday, and evening. My wins are typically 7-12 Swagbucks, but have been as high as 50!
  • Once I’ve searched, then I click on “Earn” on the SB bar at the top of any search page or the Swagbucks home page. Clicking on “Earn” allows a drop down menu to appear and from there I first do “Daily Polls“. This takes 3 seconds. It’s a quick question and you choose one answer – they can be silly questions or serious…you never know, but voting awards you 1 Swagbuck.
  • After the Daily Poll, I go back to the top of the page and the “Earn” drop down menu and select NOSO. This is the No Obligation Special Offers page. There are usually 2-8 screens to click through (skip them all by clicking “skip” or “no thanks”) and then you’ll have to enter a phrase (usually something silly like “flag day” or “looks like a pig sty”) and you’ll be awarded 2 Swagbucks.
  • I’m not sure how many people get to partake in this part, if you have to have been a member so long or if it is for everyone or what, but, in my Swagbucks Message box, everyday, I receive a notification to watch a video on Swagbucks TV. I answer one quick question and I get 3 Swagbucks!

So, for approximately 3 minutes (at most) of my time, I’ve already earned (at least) 7 Swagbucks in one day.

  • SEARCHING is key. You will really get frustrated with Swagbucks if you don’t use it to search. Search for everything. Even if you already know how to get to your favorite website – just search for it! You never know when you’ll see “Congratulations! You just won….”
  • Just about everyday, SWAGCODES are released. These are usually 3-8 Swagbucks each, but there are Mega Code days where you can earn 50+ swagbucks just from these searches. They take a lot more time, but are totally worth it if you want to be serious (I’m laughing as I type that) about your Swagging.
  • On your birthday, you automatically get 50 Swagbucks…turning 30 next week will be worth this alone. Kidding.
  • Swagbucks TV has been a recent “ok, fine, I’ll do that too…” for me. You watch about 10 videos (they have everything from pets to style to health to DIY to news to entertainment) and you’ll earn 3 Swagbucks. I discovered a few things about this:
  1. You only have to watch about 10-15 seconds of each video to get credit
  2. I never turn the sound on unless it is something I’m really interested in
  3. I can earn this from my smartphone (dr’s appts/preschool pick up/etc…)
  4. You can do this multiple times a day (I’m up to 3 times, but, I feel my brain turning to mush, ha! Anyone earn more than 3 times??)
  • TRUSTED SURVEYS is another way I’ve been racking in the SBs lately. I used to ignore them because every time I tried, I’d be disqualified, but lately, I qualify and complete just about every survey. Not only that, but if you ARE disqulified, SBs will still grant you (up to 4 SBs a day) 1SB just for “trying” (E for Effort sort of thing!) Yesterday I earned over 400 SBs just from surveys…it really pays! These can be VERY time intensive (and sort of boring!), and I’ve only really been able to do them recently thanks to sick, snuggly kids. If you check in the morning and there are no available surveys, check back because they refresh throughout the day (ok, really, sick, snuggly kids!) But I earn more from doing these surveys on SB than I have being signed up with who knows how many survey companies for years.
  • REFERRALS. My many swagbucks are also won in part to referrals. Once you sign up for Swagbucks you’ll be given a referral link and you can use that to gain your own referrals. When people join SBs under you, every time they win for searching (up to 1,000SB) YOU win! Great, right?!

There are other ways to win on Twitter, but I am not a Tweeter (I do HAVE a Twitter, I just don’t like it) like the Twitter Tuesday Phrase that Pays and other games they do on Twitter…just too much for me :)

There are also Swagstakes you can enter (I’ve entered a few times to attempt to win…you guessed it…Amazon gift cards!) but they use Swagbucks to enter, and I’d rather just save my SBs to purchase the Amazon gift cards! (A note on those Amazon gift cards…They do take up to 14 business days to receive in your email, HOWEVER, a new, awesome feature – pay 50 more SBs and you’ll get it next business day! I did this a few times before Christmas and was very successful and happy with this feature!)

So that is Swagbucks in a nutshell!


Crowdtap (CT) isn’t as “quick” as swagbucks is, but I still really enjoy it. I’ve been a member for a little over a year and they are finally coming out of Beta stage. I’m hoping this speeds up the process a bit and possibly makes earning ‘quicker’ in some way. To show what I’ve earned, I’ve been a member since Nov. 2010. I’ve earned $42.90 in Amazon gift cards and donated (another neat feature) $8.88 to Charity: Water.

First, earning points. Log in – you get 10 points everyday for logging in. Then, the main way everyone can earn is through Quick Hits. Brands (Old Navy, American Express, Macy’s, etc…) want to hear what the consumer does and thinks, so they ask through CT. Again, these questions are super easy and take no time to answer. Every now and then, you’ll have a Web Share opportunity. You’ll be asked to view/rate a website and then share it via social media outlets. When you do, you are awarded for friends viewing and rating the page.

Actions are another way to earn. You usually have to apply for this, whether it is a discussion (about products/events) or a sampling opportunity (remember my ON Jeans, ON dress, ON shirt, other ON jeans and ON active wear?!) For the product sample shares, you do have to do a bit of work (blog review, sharing with friends, etc…) but for free items, it is so worth it!

Once you’ve earned $4.99 (you get cash for thoughtfully completing the Web Shares and Actions, as well as referrals), you can cash out for an amazon gift card (or let it accumulate!), as well as donate to one of the selected charities.

It’s a bit more difficult to earn with Crowdtap, but I love the opportunity to share my opinion on products and web sites, as well has have the opportunity to try out items I might not normally purchase.

What questions can I answer about Swagbucks and Crowdtap??

Disclaimer: all links are referral links. If you click through to sign up via one of these provided links, I will earn some sort of compensation!…and I won’t argue if you do! :-)

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Active Wear Sample Share from Old Navy/Crowdtap

Not sure about you, but I like seeing that large of a number next to, “You saved”!!!

I had the opportunity to try out some new compression pants and a go-dry shirt or jacket from Old Navy’s Activewear line.

When I got to our ON, I had SUCH a hard time choosing – I think I took one of everything in the dressing room with me! I finally decided (seriously, after about 30 minutes in there!) on a pair of black bootcut pants in Black Jack and a compression jacket in Carbon.

The pants are comfortable – and I LOVE that on the back of the waist, there is a small zippered pocket to hold a key!

The jacket is amazing. I’ve worn it almost every day for preschool pick up. It is thin, but really blocks out the wind. My favorite part of the jacket is the thumb holes in the sleeve – brilliant. (in high school and college, I ruined so many sweatshirts and long sleeve tee’s making my own thumb holes!!) ;)

I haven’t worn the activewear to work out in, but, I have no doubt it would perform fantastically. I have worn the pants around the house to keep up with crazy children and they work great! ;)

I was given one extra coupon to give to a friend, but I haven’t heard how she liked her sample share yet!

Thank you again Old Navy and Crowdtap for the opportunity to try out some clothing that I wouldn’t normally purchase, and to share with a friend!

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